Energy Efficient Heating Systems

With the need for more eco-friendly households and a desire to combat increasing fuel bills, it's important to try to save fuel, reduce CO2 emmisisons, while saving some money!

All gas boilers now have to be condensing boilers and this represents a huge step forward in environmentally friendly heating, with efficient gas boilers offering fuel savings of up to 35% compared to conventional boilers.

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Whether you solely rely on renewable energy or utilise this as a backup to support a gas or oil boiler system, there are many benefits to utilising renewable energy within your heating and domestic hot water setup. Here are a few of them:

  • Lower energy bills.
  • Lower and minimal impact on the environment.
  • By using biomass, you will be using a carbon neutral form of energy. This means there is no gain or loss of carbon dioxide, as the carbon dioxide released during the burning process is equivalent to the level of carbon dioxide absorbed by the plant whilst growing.
  • Many renewable technologies are eligible for the UK Government’s Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), meaning you could get money towards renewable heating costs in your home.
  • If using solar technology or an air or ground source heat pump, there will be no need for fuel deliveries.
  • Low maintenance costs.

Tips for energy efficiency

Vent your heating system

If your heating system starts "gurgling", it means the heat is not evenly distributed in the radiator and the water is no longer circulating properly. In order to solve this, the radiator will need to be bled.

Airtight Windows & Doors

To check your home is not counteracting your boiler system efficiency, ensure that all seals on your doors and windows are airtight so that no heat can escape. Check all seals before you start using the heating within your home and replace them if required.

Insulate your pipes

Insulating your heating pipes reduces heat loss and can raise water temperatures 2°F–4°F hotter than uninsulated pipes can deliver, allowing you to lower your water temperature setting. By insulating your heating pipes you can save money without too much effort and at minimal cost.

Use thermostatic valves for radiators

Check that your thermostats are functioning correctly regularly. The heating output of radiators will be reduced if the thermostat is sluggish or stuck.

Energy Efficient Heating Systems

With an efficient heating system, by lowering your room temperature by 1 °C, heating bills can be reduced by around 6%.

If the temperature is lowered at night to about 5 °C. Turn your heating down two hours before you go to bed.

You should only reduce the temperature on the radiators at night, not switch them off completely, to prevent the room cooling down completely. If the room cools down completely, a higher heating water flow rate will be required to heat it up again.

energy saving home
water saving home

Economical water use

There are a number of ways in which you can use water more economically within your home, all of which will contribute towards lower heating bills. These are as follows:

Use a water saving flush valve in your toilet cistern - by using a flush valve in your toilet cistern you will be able to save up to three times more water than using a conventional flush

  • Repair dripping taps - by repairing dripping taps you will immediately be able to eliminate unnecessary water consumption in this area
  • Use water saving shower heads and taps
  • Take showers instead of baths, where possible - a full bath uses three times as much water and energy
  • Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth - use a cup instead in order to cut down on your water usage
  • Use your washing machine efficiently - when using your washing machine, always wash a full load, skip the prewash part of the cycle unless your laundry is heavily soiled, and wash at 60 °C instead of 90 °C
  • Consider your tumble dryer usage - a tumble dryer uses twice as much energy as a washing machine for the same amount of clothes. Therefore you should dry clothes in a drying room or in the open air whenever possible.

Regular Boiler Servicing

To make your heating system more efficient, reliable and problem free over time, it is important to have your bolier system serviced regularly and it is beneficial to have a maintenance contract of some sort so that you system gets the same level of care and attention each time. Regular servicing extends the life of your heating system and makes sure that energy is being used cleanly and efficiently. By doing this, you will be helping to protect the environment while saving on heating bills – without compromising heating and domestic hot water convenience.

heating system servicing

The benefits of regular servicing

  • Greater efficiency and extended service life of the heating system, together with greater operational reliability
  • Savings on heating bills and lower consumption of resources due to efficient use of the input energy (experts rate the potential savings at about 5 to 7%)
  • Constant high level of heating and DHW convenience
  • Heat will be generated with reduced CO2 emissions due to economical and environmentally responsible operation

Just like your car, your boiler should be serviced at regular intervals. Comparitively, if you car ran for a similar number of hours as your boiler, then it would run up around 60,000 miles a year. This highlights why it's important to have your heating sysetm serviced at least once annually.

Heating system servicing requires expertise. Let Green Giant Services Ltd carry out your regular heating sysestem maintenance, because a service professional will always check all system components thoroughly for contamination and wear. That also includes checking the safety and control functions.

Green Giant Services Ltd engineers are trained up to the highest standards on different brands of biomass boilers and ground and air source heat pumps to carry out installations, servicing and maintenance while working directly with manufacturers and main UK distributors to uphold manufacturer warranty on systems. We install and maintain all sizes of biomass boiler from the domestic 10kW pellet boilers to 500kW wood chip/pellet systems.

We provide support covering the whole of Scotland and the north of England. Our breadth of service coverage represents the most comprehensive dedicated biomass heating service in the sector.